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The Meaning of a Purple Door ☽○☾

As children our mother had a variety of Old Wives tales she would say. Some she may have made up herself…heck the woman has her own language at times, I swear, but that’s what makes her our magnificent Crone. I got curious as to if there was any meaning behind this one, so I did a general search and this is what I found.

A purple door represents wealth, honor and royalty. Having a purple front door lets others know that you are living a prosperous life. It does not necessarily mean that you are wealthy monetarily, but you are rich in your quality of life and well being. You are also honorable.

Sounds like a Witch to me…

A purple door can show your open mindedness. The color purple in the practice of feng shui is the only color that you can place in any direction. This shows that purple is a versatile color. The color purple also is not a common front door color depending on where you live. So when you paint your front door purple, you are telling people that you are open minded and versatile to life’s possibilities. You think outside the box.

Sounds like a Witch to me…

A purple door can bring a sense of calm. If the shade of purple you choose for your door has some blue hues in it as well, this can bring a sense of calm and have a peaceful affect on your front door space. There is a lot of good energy surrounding the color purple. Think about how you’ll feel if you come home to a front door that is painted purple.

Sounds like a Witch to me…


Source: Home Curb Appeal


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